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Market Research

Fast Consulting specializes in the collection of public opinion through the full spectrum of market research and assessment techniques, including:

• telephone surveys;
• online surveys;
• in-person focus groups;
• online focus groups;
• online community panels;
• online discussion forums;
• onsite visitor interviews;
• exit surveys;
• mystery shopper assessments; and
• public consultations and open-house forums.

Much of our experience is in defining customer or stakeholder concerns and tracking satisfaction levels. In addition to “one-off” and regular interval measurements, Fast Consulting has developed specific customer satisfaction measurement dashboards. These proprietary tracking tools integrate data from multiple sources to provide an ongoing indicator of satisfaction or attitude in key client markets.

Regardless of your business or organizational situation, Fast Consulting can develop a solution that will inform and support your decision-making. From a single market survey to an integrated suite of market research techniques and technologies, we will work with you to determine the most effective, cost-efficient solutions.


Online Community Panel

The internet is driving fundamental changes in the way Canadians live, work and communicate. More and more people of all ages are becoming familiar and comfortable with interacting online. A growing number of younger adults are abandoning landline phones, especially as smart phones integrate communications streams.

Our online panel research capitalizes on these shifts while taking advantage of the web’s inherent cost-efficiencies. Our clients can reach out to thousands of active panel members to conduct surveys, discussion forums and online focus groups quickly and efficiently.

Online panel research can also be integrated with other research technologies to provide clients with thorough, precise results. This multi-modal approach has been successful in a range of applications, from broad assessments of public attitudes to the accurate prediction of Saskatchewan’s 2011 election results that was produced for the Postmedia Network.

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Management Consulting

Whether you are a business, organization or institution in the public or private sector, our management consulting experience can support and enhance your capacity to assess, plan and deliver effectively.

Fast Consulting’s unique perspective combines professional management consultation training and certification with practical experience, proven facilitation and understanding of research and economic factors.

This well-rounded package of skill-sets provides equally well-rounded solutions that help our clients operate more effectively and build positive public and stakeholder relationships while realizing cost and time efficiencies.

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Community Engagement

Reaching out to both broad and narrow communities of interest is becoming a common expectation for a growing range of organizations and projects. Private businesses, governments and organizations are increasingly expected to provide a mechanism for public or stakeholder input before moving forward.

Public consultations seek to engage people on an issue by encouraging them to increase their level of knowledge, share their opinions and get involved in discussion and debate. While community engagement and public consultation can be valuable communications and information-exchange tools, they can also create negative reactions and strained relationships if poorly conceived or executed.

The key to successful, effective community engagement is professional planning. Fast Consulting has extensive experience in all aspects of the community engagement and public consultation process, including:

• promotion of public events;
• stakeholder attendee recruitment;
• site logistics and coordination;
• agenda/program development;
• production of session presentation, display and support materials;
• session facilitation and discussion moderation;
• follow-up materials and outreach, including development of dedicated project websites and discussion forums; and
• professional, credible assessment and reporting of results.

Some of our clients use Fast Consulting to provide turn-key engagement programs, while others integrate our services with their own in-house capabilities. Based on your needs and internal capacity, we can provide you with a tailored community engagement/public consultation program.

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