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About Us

A 21st Century Business Model

In our fast-paced, ever-changing world success demands flexibility and focus. That’s true for our clients … and equally true for Fast Consulting.

Traditional, multi-level business models do not support flexibility. Inevitably, service providers must sell the solutions they have in stock. To a business with a big investment in hammers, the best solution always looks like a nail. Fast Consulting has built a business model that ensures clients have access to the full tool-kit of assessment and management solutions.

Fast Consulting has partnered with Praxis Analytics with the goal of combining our operations and bringing together several of the province’s most experienced professionals in research and strategic consulting. Our own network of provincial and national contacts, developed over more than 25 years, adds to the base of expertise available to our clients.

Senior Professionals with the Skills You Need

Meet the core group of professionals behind Fast Consulting. Our clients always work directly with our senior people – no salespersons or account reps. You will always have direct access to the top people who are responsible for your work.

Doug Fast, CMC
Principal, Fast Consulting

Fast Consulting’s founder is a senior research and consulting practitioner whose experience includes work across a wide spectrum of private and public sector organizations.

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Valerie Sluth, MBA, CMC
Principal, Praxis Analytics

Val has been providing management advisory services for over 20 years first as a member of an international consulting firm and now as a Partner in Praxis Analytics.

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Cam Cooper, CMC
Principal, Praxis Analytics

Cam is widely known for his work in research, communications, and marketing with a diverse range of clients, in all facets of business, government and the institutional sector.

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Bill Quine
Senior Associate

Bill has directed and conducted all types of qualitative and quantitative research projects over a professional career spanning nearly four decades. His understanding of research theory and practice is grounded in years of practical, real-world experience.

Dave Ruecker
Data Management

Dave is a graduate in statistics from the University of Regina with over eight years of experience in the consulting and market research industry. He is a leader in analysis and fieldwork management, experienced in survey sampling and design, testing and evaluating databases, statistical procedures and draft reporting.

Building Lasting Client Relationships

Since its inception, Fast Consulting has focused on providing the highest possible standard of client service and adding value to every project. That commitment has allowed us to build lasting relationships with almost every client we’ve been involved with over the years.

Those relationships benefit both our business and our clients. As we begin to understudy and understand a client’s business, organization or institution, we are able to work more efficiently and intuitively.

We believe that ours is not a commodity business and the best value isn’t just based on the lowest price. The better we know our clients, the more value we can bring to the table by anticipating needs and making suggestions … and the less time clients have to spend getting different suppliers up to speed and explaining the idiosyncrasies of their operations.

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The Sectors We Serve

Our firm has worked extensively with clients in every major sector in Saskatchewan, including:

Mining and Resources
Fast Consulting understands the complex public, ecological and political environments that surround resource industries today. We have worked extensively with some of the world’s largest resource companies such as BHP Billiton, Cameco, Areva and PotashCorp.

Municipal Planning and Development
Our team is skilled and experienced in all aspects of public consultation and community engagement. We design, develop and deliver comprehensive, highly credible public and stakeholder involvement programs for municipal governments and leading engineering firms like Stantec, CIMA+, Associated Engineering and Earth Tech AECOM.