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Fast Consulting

In today’s fast-paced, fluid society and economy, making the right decisions is vital … and making the wrong decision can have lasting consequences.

With more than 25 years of successful professional practice, Fast Consulting has grown and evolved with Saskatchewan and western Canada, building practical hands-on expertise and successful, lasting relationships.

Fast Consulting knows the province and the west. We know the individuals, institutions and relationships that drive the region. We understand the culture and people. We’ve built longstanding relationships in the established sectors that drive the western economy. We’ve helped new and emerging businesses and organizations to gain a foothold and grow.

Using a combination of expertise and experience, Fast Consulting provides custom-tailored solutions that deliver the insights to support sound strategic and operating decisions.

"Listening gives us deeper, more penetrating insights."
-Phil Roos

Comprehensive Market
Research Services

Access the full range of online and interpersonal research and assessment tools...surveys, focus groups, online panels, mystery shopper assessments, onsite visitor interviews, high level interviews, public forums and more.

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Online Community Panel

Fast Consulting’s online panel research offers our clients public opinion assessments that are quick, accurate and cost-effective.

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Management Consulting

The combination of professional certification and focused, hands-on experience allows Fast Consulting to enhance the effectiveness of our clients’ planning, decision-making and ultimately, performance.

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Community Engagement
Public Consultation

Professionally designed and implemented community engagement and public consultation strategies provide the opportunity for stakeholders and the public to learn more about issues, express their opinions and demonstrate what they value.
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